Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of attending DISI? Are costs for meals, travel, or lodging covered?​

All accepted fellows and storytellers will be offered honoraria. The honoraria may be used to your discretion, such as to defray much of the costs of attending the Institute (flights, accommodations, meals, etc.). Please know that we will be working hard to ensure that no one is unable to attend for reasons of financial hardship. More precise details regarding honoraria will be shared with participants upon acceptance.

This sounds really interesting, but I don't really study cognition/intelligence. Is this opportunity for me?

Maybe! We are looking for participants with interesting ideas and a passion for and ability to collaborate with scholars outside their own disciplines. If this describes you, please apply or reach out for more info!

I am currently in between degrees, or I am not currently in school, but working in an industry setting. Am I still eligible to apply?

Of course! We welcome applicants from all career stages.

Are the facilities wheelchair accessible?

We are working to ensure that we can accommodate a variety of special needs! Please contact us to discuss specific accommodations you may require to help us be fully prepared for you!

I am interested in this opportunity and I have an infant. May I bring my child?

Yes! The standard room for DISI is a single, but children are allowed in the dormitory and it may be possible to change the room type for an additional fee (subject to availability). In an effort to make DISI accessible and family-friendly, we have earmarked modest funds to help defray the costs for those who are primary caregivers for children or elders and who would not otherwise be able to attend. These funds will be awarded on a case-by-case basis after offers of admission have been made. Parents who bring children with them are expected to attend all official DISI activities; we ask, however, that you not bring children to DISI activities unless otherwise indicated. This means that parents will need to find caregiving in the town. We will not provide this ourselves, but can help you find local carers that often work with the university.

I do research in a relevant field, but I am not in academia. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes! We are looking for participants who are able to forge and maintain productive, interdisciplinary research collaborations, and we recognize that those types of researchers may be found in nonacademic settings.

Two scholars in our lab are interested in applying for the program. Our research is complementary. Would you be reluctant to admit two applicants from the same lab? In other words, would it be better for us to decide internally on one person to apply?

Not necessarily! Since this is an explicitly interdisciplinary endeavor, we will seek to achieve a good balance of scholars from multiple disciplines in our final participant pool. But that doesn't necessarily mean there can't be two participants from the same lab. If you're both interested, you should both apply!

I am extremely excited about DISI, but I'm still an undergraduate. Will my application be considered?

DISI is primarily geared toward graduate students, postdocs, and early career faculty. However, we will be happy to consider applications from people at all levels.

Will there be anything other than lectures?

Yes! In addition to lectures and discussions, participants will conduct new research projects that bridge disciplinary boundaries. We will set aside time each day for these projects, and we expect many of these to develop into fruitful collaborations extending beyond your time at DISI. There will also be time to explore the town and countryside near St Andrews, where there are excellent hiking trails, tide pools, and golf.

I have a friend who lives nearby. Can I stay with my friend and join the Institute activities during the day?

Unfortunately, no. An important part of the DISI experience will be the opportunity to forge new connections with scholars in other disciplines. All participants will stay together in a charismatic building in the historic heart of St Andrews. This is an important component of building the collegial relationships that we hope will bear fruit long past the close of the Institute.

I'm in a friend's wedding in the middle of the DISI dates. Can I miss a few days of the institute?

Unfortunately, no. In order to create meaningful interdisciplinary dialogue and engage fully with the topics of the program, we ask that all DISI fellows commit to attending the entire symposium upon acceptance (i.e., through the afternoon of July 19th).

I am a vegan/vegetarian, have a food allergy, or have another dietary restriction. Would I be able to attend?

Yes! We have already arranged for vegan/vegetarian food and will do our best to accommodate other food restrictions (but do let us know in advance). We don’t want sustenance to be a barrier to participation.

How many participants will you admit?

We expect the final group to be 40-45.