Detailed here are the majority of questions we are asking applicants of DISI 2018! Click below to access the application portal. You will be asked to create an account, and can then begin working on the application. You do not need to complete the application in one sitting; you can save your work and return to your application again at a later date.


The application portal will request your letters of recommendation when you submit your application. We are asking letter writers to submit their letters within two weeks of receiving their letter requests.  

1) Short essays

i) Please explain why you would like to attend the Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute (DISI). How does it fit into your current research or future plans? What impact do you hope it will have on your career?  (max 400 words)

ii) A big part of DISI is the opportunity to engage in new collaborative projects with other participants. Imagine that you are pitching an idea to fellow participants to entice them to join you in a collaborative project. What would that idea be? This doesn’t need to be a fully-formed project idea, but give us a sense of something you might find exciting to work on.  (max 200 words)

iii) What is the most exciting piece of  scholarly writing you’ve read in the past year? And what is the most stimulating piece of non-scholarly writing you’ve read in the same timeframe? Why did they ignite your intellectual fires? Note that the work doesn’t have to be recent--if you found inspiration in something written 200 years ago inspiring, we’d love to hear about it! We are especially interested in pieces relevant to DISI themes, but they need not be.  (max 200 words)

iv) We support and value diversity in all its forms. Explain how your personal background contributes to your having a unique perspective that will be an asset to building a diverse community of scholars. (max 200 words)

v) Detail any obstacles to your unhindered participation in new research collaborations and explain how they can be circumnavigated (for example: I work for a company with strict intellectual property rules; The data I use in my research are the intellectual property of a long-time collaborator; My PI is cautious about my developing collaborations with scholars s/he doesn’t know, etc.) (max 50 words)

2) CV

3) Two letters of recommendation

  • One should highlight your potential for collaboration across fields and for interdisciplinary work more broadly. We are especially interested in concrete accounts of your success in or capacity for collaborative interdisciplinary projects.

  • The other should highlight the quality of your work within your main field of study. We are especially interested in evidence of your creativity, open-mindedness, and ability to cope with failure.

Application materials (subset):