We believe that pushing back the frontiers of intelligence requires pulling down the barriers between traditional disciplines. It requires the constitution of a new “community of practice” focused on diverse intelligences, in which promising young scholars are connected across disciplinary lines. With generous funding from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute will build a community of early career scholars dedicated to actively breaking down transdisciplinary boundaries and asking Big Questions about the origin, nature, and future of intelligences.


We believe that breakthroughs in our thinking about mind, cognition, and intelligence require new stories. Our community of practice must also include storytellers who provoke us to consider intelligences of radically different form or character—and contemplate the implications these intelligences may have for the past and future of humanity. These stories will both spark the public imagination and ignite bold new research directions.

Join us

We seek scholars and scientists in fields such as (but not limited to) animal cognition,  anthropology, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, ethology, philosophy, psychology, and sociology who are interested in pursuing interdisciplinary, collaborative research in recognizing, shaping, and programming intelligences. 

We also seek storytellers—artists, choreographers, comedians, composers, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, podcasters, and writers of every stripe—who hunger for extended engagement with the science of diverse intelligences, and who can imagine radical new possibilities that extend our ability to recognize, shape, and program intelligences.

We strongly value diversity and are committed to creating a community of scholars that both values and reflects diversity in all its forms. As one part of that commitment, we, in cooperation with the University of St Andrews, will not tolerate harassment or bullying at DISI.